citizens of the robots n disguise nation, today officially ends the robots n disguise project. Please hold back your tears.

This whole shindig started as a project for a class I took in my senior year at Oberlin College, and it was a wonderful experience that got me hooked on music journalism. I want to thank everyone who dropped in, liked, and shared.

If you still need a fix of new and great music, check out my new project /partyspeaker/.

I love you all.

here’s my favorite song ever.

[track] Purity Ring – “Obedear”

The one thing that will always get my heart all a flutter is new Purity Ring. They just announced their album, which drops on the 24th day of July. I think I peed a little when I typed that. So what have we got here? “Obedere” – another addition to Purity Ring’s massive 4 song catalogue. Not massive in quantity, but in quality.


Gray shores dawn with the opening growth of fog. Crisp snare and sharp hi hats and hits pierce through the thick bass that anchors the whole track. Those signature (for 4 tracks) haunting and ominously sweet vocals slither on top of it all, and it’s exactly all the things we’ve loved about the other three tracks.

I cannot wait for Shrines. And you can’t either.


01 Crawlersout
02 Fineshrine
03 Ungirthed
04 Amenamy
05 Grandloves
06 Cartographist
07 Belispeak
08 Saltkin
09 Obedear
10 Lofticries
11 Shuck

[video] Drake Ft. Lil Wayne – “HYFR”

I’m not really sure how I can portray just how much I love this video. I sometimes struggle to take Drake seriously, but that will obviously no longer be a problem.

Firstly- get it little Drake! I want to hang out with little recently Bar Mitzvah-ed Drake! Kid’s got moves, and is just adorable. Secondly, of course this was going to be the premise of the video. What else would it be? You gotta do what you gotta do, right Aubrey?

Is that a panda mask? hell yeah fuckin right that’s a panda mask! I think the only thing scarier than Weezy with a panda mask is Weezy without a panda mask. The bearded guy in the green b-ball jersey under his blazer and the Ray-Bans gets the award for best face, which says a lot seeing as there’s a thumb with eyebrows in the video.

I wasn’t sold on the track when the album dropped, but from this moment forward it’s is my favorite track off Take Care. Another Drake video dropped this week, but this one better by a million yarmulkes. Did you not know Drake was Jewish? Cross that one off your list. He’s double Bar Mitzvah-ed Jewish.

[track] Best Coast – “The Only Place”

I don’t know where you are, or what the weather is like there, but here in KC we’re getting a little preview of the summer. It’s absolutely perfect weather for laying in the grass and watching the clouds roll over. Fitting then that there’s a new Best Coast track to enjoy. I think I’ll go outside and listen to “The Only Place” and pretend that I’m actually in Cali with the ocean, the babes, the sun, the waves, etc.

[Track + EP] Haim – “Forever” + Forever EP

You’re gonna have to bust out those leg warmers, high tops, hoop earrings and that swatch to truly enjoy this one, because it may have been transported here directly from 1983. The jittering chorus sounds like a forgotten verse of “Got to be Starting Something” in the best way possible. Haim is a trio of sisters from Los Angeles, and I suppose when they’re not time traveling for inspiration, they’re kicking out the disco-chic jams.

Listen to “Forever”, dance to “Forever”, then download Forever EP. In that order. Please, thank you, and you’re welcome.

Download Forever EP

[sad music sunday] Now, Now – “School Friends”

This’ll be two posts in a row about the same band. I think I’m seriously addicted to listening to Cacie Dalager tell me about the best girlfriend I’ll never have. But the first step is admitting I have a problem, right? I’m gonna assume the second step would be getting others addicted as well. Listen to “School Friends”, it is habit forming, so be warned.

Cannot wait for Threads, due out March 6th.

Now, Now – “School Friends”

[Video] Now, Now – “Dead Oaks”

Here’s a Now, Now track to twist your heart around till you’re confused why it was you were feeling down in the first place. All you can really be sure of is that you’re a bit lonely, but strangely energetic. It feels a bit strange and you’re not sure how you got there, but that’s unimportant. Time to stare off dramatically as if you were being videotaped.

Watch the video for “Dead Oaks” below.

[a song to make you sad on Valentine’s Day] Ben Howard – “Promise”

If you’re gonna be sad, you might as well be productive and listen to some good music while you wallow. Maybe the song will make you feel better. Maybe it’s one of those songs that brings you to the edge of tears but leaves you with the seed of a smile. I hope it’s that kind for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Ben Howard – “Promise”

[video] M.I.A. – “Bad Girls”

What do you look for in an M.I.A. video? Civil disobedience? Plenty of smoke? International flavor? Firearms? That signature M.I.A. “I don’t give a fuck, nor do I give of fuck if you give a fuck” swagger? Outfits that are garishly perfect and mystifyingly hot? Choreographed dancing? The moroccan countryside? Drifting? Vehicles using only 50% of their wheels? Maya lounging on said vehicles?

Well, good. Because this video has all of those things.

Welcome back to the scene M.I.A. We’ve missed you.